Thursday, 22 August 2013

Anchors replaced on Redders and Sarah, Las Encantadas

Roy making the first incision

Anyone who climbed these two classic routes in the last couple of years will be forgiven for worrying a little when lowering off. The rusty snapgate on offer was well worn through and did not inspire much faith.

This is not really acceptable for routes of this calibre that receive so much traffic, so Tom and Roy from the El Chorro Bolt Fund Team went and replaced them with nice shiny new chains! Both the routes are fantastic and well worth climbing, and now you can feel safe lowering off them and setting top ropes.

Doesn't look great!

Close up of the wear on Sarah's snapgate anchor

The old chain ready to be removed

The finished anchor on Sarah

Roy carefully selecting spots for holes on Redders

Roy showing off his rusty trophy!

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